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J_C (from Amazon):

“Kuykendall weaves a story of a world not too different from our own. The book is mostly a sci-fi fantasy with elements of class warfare, economics, currency manipulation, corrupt and emasculated government, whistleblowers, religion, greed, ignorance, technocracy, science and engineering, the ethics of hard work, and self-aware computers. It presents a fresh take on the myths of humanity’s past. The plot presents an impending planet-wide emergency as seen from about six different viewpoints. The setting is richly described and well-imagined. While the conclusion is not particularly surprising, I found myself wanting to know how the story would weave to get where it needed to go. Though imperfect, a pretty good read. The story has shades of Heinlein, with a bit of Alistair Reynolds and early Neal Stephenson.”


A. O., CA.:

“It really is a SMART story! Thanks for taking a traditional, tired tale and bending my mind with it.” “…some unique ideas. I like the ending. What a twist! I crave more like it because you forced me to see something completely familiar in a totally new light. I hope you have plans to write another – cuz I’m hooked!”


J. R., OR:

“This story can stand with most anything I’ve read in mainstream sf in the last ten years.”


S.R., TN:

“Truly brilliant – it ties in all the stories we have about that time: mythology, Biblical history, Sumarian documents (the Epic of Gilgamesh), Plato… And, scientifically, it is ALL POSSIBLE. This may be what really happened!”


G.T., TX:

“Mr. Kuykendall has done a fantastic job weaving history, fantasy, science, fiction, and the ultimate human experience of survival into a great story. Upon completion, I’m left with only one question: How long must I wait for my copy of the sequel?”


R.N., IL:

“I read this book in one sitting.  I literally couldn’t put it down!”

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